After starting his media career in student broadcasting, EJ quickly developed an eye for video production in all aspects. He worked as a Creative Video Consultant at Orange Media Network, where he went on to be nominated for two NW Emmy’s for Best Videographer/Editor and Best Talent. The short-form content he co-produced went on to place in national college video contests.

From there EJ found a passion in higher-education content creation at the Oregon State University Division of Extended Campus. He creates on-demand content for the nationally ranked online education program, expanding his love for visual storytelling into more educational pursuits.

After graduating from Oregon State University in 2018, EJ started Creative Compass in his hometown of Tigard. His goal was to work with companies near and far to succeed in business, with the help of professional-level media content.

EJ is active in his  local community, working to expand opportunities of local athletes through live broadcasts and talk shows with ReadyGo Productions.

EJ continues his creative pursuits in freelance work including advertising, creative consulting, and photography.